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 "Dance like everyone is watching!"

Lina Jonnerhag is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and singer. She was born, raised and trained in Sweden and is a graduate of Balettakademien Stockholm.

She lived in New York City for over 4 years where she had her base and worked as a dancer and teacher. Lina is today based in Stockholm.  

Lina has influenced the dance community worldwide. She has starred at various dance events across New York City, around the US and internationally. 

She is experienced and trained in various styles and her specialities are jazz/contemporary and commercial/hiphop.

Additionally, Lina is a former figure skater. She trained and competed for over 10 years.  

Today she is performing with the roller skate dance company Team Missile in the US and around Europe.

Some of Linas credits includes IIFA Awards (Metlife Stadium) Ashley Poole US Tour and Da-Bangg Realoded US/Canada Tour. 

Lina has been seen in several TV shows in the US like MTV Trl, NBC Channel 7NY and Telemundo and in Sweden Idol, Mumbo Jumbo, Sommarkrysset and Guldbaggegalan.


Lina has also been performing with several different artists and dance companies around the US and Sweden. 

Additionally she was a core member of Kalamandir Dance Company during her years living in New York.

Lina is currently working as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer in various events, shows and productions in Sweden.

She also provides dance workshops in heels, streetjazz and jazz. 



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Lina Jonnerhag showreel 2022

Lina Jonnerhag showreel 2022
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Lina Jonnerhag showreel 2022

Lina Jonnerhag showreel 2022

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Lina Jonnerhag - Choreography Reel

Lina Jonnerhag - Choreography Reel

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Lina Jonnerhag Contemporary Reel 2019

Lina Jonnerhag Contemporary Reel 2019

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Confident - Choreography by Lina Jonnerhag

Confident - Choreography by Lina Jonnerhag

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